Toyota Land Cruiser

FJ60, FJ62 and FJ80 1980-1997 of release

Repair and car operation

Toyota Land Cruiser
+ 1. The maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance service
- 3. Engines
   + 3.1. Engines 2F and 3F-E
   + 3.2. The verhneklapannyj engine 1FZ-FE
   - 3.3. Dismantle and engine major repairs
      3.3.1. Technical characteristics
      3.3.2. Diagnostics of the engine with the help вакууметра
      3.3.3. Compression check
      3.3.4. Dismantle of the power unit
      3.3.5. Removal and engine installation
      3.3.6. Alternatives of major repairs
      - 3.3.7. An order of dismantling of the engine A head of cylinders Repair of valves Shatunno-piston group Коленвал Clearing and check of the block of cylinders Хоннингование cylinders Rods and pistons Radical and шатунные bearings
      + 3.3.8. An engine assembly order
      3.3.9. Start-up of the engine after repair and обкатка
   + 3.4. An engine electric equipment
+ 4. Systems of cooling, heating
+ 5. Fuel and exhaust systems
+ 6. System of decrease in toxicity
+ 7. Transmission
+ 8. Brake system
+ 9. Suspension brackets and a steering
+ 10. A body
+ 11. An electric equipment
+ 12. Electroschemes


3.3.7. An order of dismantling of the engine

The krivoshipno-shatunnyj mechanism and piston group of engines 3F-E (the engine device 2F is similar)
1. A ring компрессионное the bottom
2. A dilator маслосъемного rings
3. A finger
4. The head plug шитуна
5. The cam-shaft bearing
6. Compensatory заглушка
7. A leading disk
8. Connecting section картера transmissions
9. A dustproof cover картера transmissions
10. An epiploon
11. A persistent half ring
12. A lining
13. The pallet
14, 20. A lining
15. The oil pump
16. A cover of the radical bearing
17. The loose leaf of the radical bearing
18. Коленвал
19. A forward intensifying plate
21. The block of cylinders
22. A rod cover
23. Shatunnye loose leaves
24. A rod
25. A lock ring
26. The piston
27. Disks маслосъемного rings
28. A ring компрессионное the top

The krivoshipno-shatunnyj mechanism and piston group of engines 1FZ-FE

1. A ring компрессионное the bottom
2. A ring компрессионное the top
Dilator маслосъемного rings
3. Disks маслосъемного rings
4. A finger
5. Plugs of a head of a rod
6. A rod
7. Shatunnye loose leaves
8. A rod cover
9. A leading disk
10. A back adjusting washer
11. A forward adjusting washer
12. An epiploon
13. The holder
14. The oil filter
15. The left support of the engine
16. The gauge of level of oil
17, 19. A lining
18. The pallet 2
20. The control valve of an oil atomizer
21. The loose leaf of the radical bearing
22. A persistent half ring
23. Коленвал
24. The detonation gauge
25. The union
26. A cover of the radical bearing
27. The hydraulic booster pump
28. A sealing ring
29. A forward epiploon
30. A forward cover
31. A chain
32. A jet
33. Маслоохладитель
34. The right support
35. A dilator маслосъемного rings
36. A lock ring
37. The block of cylinders

1. It is recommended to assort the engine at the special stand.
2. If the stand is not present, fix the engine on an equal platform.
3. If the restored engine it is necessary to remove all hinged units is got, and to establish them subsequently precisely in the same order as well as at independent major repairs. Such units concern:

  – The generator and arms;
  – Details of system of decrease in toxicity;
  – The distributor of ignition, a candle and high-voltage wires;
  – Hoses and the thermostat;
  – The pump of a cooling liquid;
  – The carburettor or details of system of injection of fuel;
  – Soaking up and final collectors;
  – The oil filter;
  – Engine mount details;
  – A flywheel / a leading disk of the hydrotransformer;
  – A back plate.

The prevention

Before removal of hinged units put labels on linings, epiploons and other details to facilitate assemblage.

4. If the block of cylinders of an incomplete complete set (i.e. the block of cylinders with established krivoshipno-shatunnym the mechanism and piston group) it is necessary to remove also a head of cylinders, the oil pallet and the oil pump is established.
5. If it is planned to carry out major repairs with full dismantling the engine should be disassembled completely in a following order:

   – A cover of a head of cylinders;
   – Soaking up and final collectors;
   – коромысла and bars;
   – Cam-shafts (the engine 1FZ-FE);
   – A head of cylinders;
   – Pushers (engines 2F and 3F-E);
   – The oil pallet;
   – The oil pump;
   – Shatunno-piston group;
   – коленвал with radical bearings.